Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wallet Cases for Protection and extra Space

Wallet case is essentially designed to protect your smartphone or iPhone from every side. Your phone is more secured inside the Wallet case. If you have brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 then the overdose quality of the collection of the Wallet case is the need of the hour. Fully glass body Galaxy Note 7 is prone to break easily due to fall and other environmental attack. You can resist this breakage through Note 7 wallet case which is not protective only but also chase other advantages in the form of card slots so you will forget to carry other purse for you. Check out all awesomeness in one platform Amazon.

galaxy note 7 wallet cases

Best List of Galaxy Note 7 Wallet cases 

1. Spigen Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Spigen has been fabulous company when it comes to produce wallet case.  Note 7 wallet case is integrated with the faux leather and the solid PC. You can load essentials like cards, ID, and cash in this wallet apart from Note 7. It has adequate space with slots which is almost 4 in number. It has magnetic strap to put your belonging safe. This wallet case for Note 7 is equipped with kickstand also for the multiple angle view for watching movies and you can indulge in video chat without holding your Note 7 in your hand. It is easy to remove and install.

Give thought to buy Note 7 wallet case so you will have great user experience. It protects your phone from scratches, accidental drop, bumps and other untoward condition. You are in all condition in complete benefit when you buy this wallet case for Galaxy Note 7.

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2. Abacus Wallet case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Abacus 24-7 wallet case for Note 7 is having cool design and the logo is impressive. This is synthetic leather and not so thin and not so thick. Abacus wallet case boasts in-built kickstand and viewing the video and video chat is great experience with Abacus wallet case. You can remain hands free by using the kickstand even for long hours. It has two protective layers of interior TPU case and front flip cover. It is having built in slots for cash, cards and for other essentials. You can use the buttons and ports easily through perfect cutouts.

Installation and removal is easy with this wallet case. Available in trendy colors. This wallet case is made up of plastic material and faux leather. It is lightweight and sleek in look. Its leather is not cheap as it does create marks and crack easily.

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3. Genuine Italian Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Genuine Italian leather wallet case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is best friend of your phone. The full safety and protection dwells in this leather wallet case for Note 7. This wallet case keeps your Note 7 away from drops, bumps, dirt and pollution. It has card slots for all purpose as this is having ID slot, card slot and space for putting the cash apart from the phone. This wallet case is handmade and having a detailing in its stitching stitch so it will enhance the beauty of the phone.

The lovely and trendy colors are available in Note 7 wallet case so you can buy more than one case if you like more colors option. Note 7 will be closely inside the wallet case and no fall and drops can think of damaging your phone. The precise cutouts are properly managed so you can use the controls confidently. Installation and removal is easy.

4. IZENGATE Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

IZENGATE wallet case keeps you tension free from your new Note 7 smartphone. It sports the key features such as plenty of spaces, kickstand, and its fitting are also comfy. This wallet case for Note 7 sports all essential features that you cannot stay away from it. The availability of 5 colors and low price range is making it a favourite among consumers… It is simple to use, install and remove.

This wallet case for Note 7 is accessible to all buttons, camera, speakers and connector through the wallet case. There is built-in kickstand for the video chat and watching video without holding your phone for long. It has 3 card slot pocket, 2 cash slot pocket and there is a card slot compartment so you are free from carrying other purse. Though it is wallet case with many compartments even it is lightweight and slim in look. This wallet case for Note 7 will cover all your need and it will live upto all your expectation.

5. Verus Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Verus for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will balance your professional and personal life. Verus wallet gives wall like defense to Galaxy Note 7. It has high grade polycarbonate and TPU texture is the foundation of this Note 7 wallet case. The plenty of compartment in the wallet case will cover all your need of carrying cash, cards and ID proof. This wallet case is secured with Damda slide so it is easy to open and close.

This wallet case is not something which is sophisticated as you can use it on daily use. The sung fit of this wallet case and its unique feature is assertive. The straightforward installation and removal of the wallet case which does not require professional help. Available in variety of 5 colors. It has raised edges that keep the screen safe from scratches when you keep your phone faced down position. The use of the different buttons and controls from the accurate cutouts is incredible. The lovely thread stitch is detailed and the maintenance is quite low.

6. USAMS wallet case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This wallet case is properly channelized and there will be no compromise for the Note 7 functions and features. It is so versatile in preventing Note 7 from all kind of obstacles. The window view with the transparent thin layer is also enthralling so you have not to open the case for responding calls and other notifications. USAMS wallet case is responsive for Note 7 to save it from unwanted hurdles. Its beauty will remain fresh as ever so there will no spoil of the phone. This wallet case is lightweight, slim in look and adds no bulk to the Note 7. Loving this wallet case cannot ever go unrewarded.

USAMS has limited edition of colors but all exclusive collections are stunning and highly attractive.. It has built-in kickstand for watching the videos and your favourite program without holding it in your hand for long hours. It has precise coutouts for the camera lens, volume controls, jack and ports. It gives all mind blowing features like the patented technology to use the app to monitor on or off and other functions.

7. Joopapa Wallet case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This folio style wallet case Joopapa for Galaxy Note 7 is here to provide all the happiness of using the phone with wallet case. It is layered with the PU leather and plastic so it is solid blend. The wallet case which is book style makes is easy to use. It has well stitched case and the detailing pattern will show the fineness of Joopapa. This wallet case has different pockets so you will be secured with Cards, important paper, ID, photos and some cash. The precise cutouts for the dock connector, speaker, volume controls so there full excitement with the usability of the phone.

It has a frame kickstand that let you watch movie and your favorite program. This wallet case is spacious than any other ordinary cases as it has 9 card slots and inner pockets so have lot of space to keep your private things safely. The snap in the wallet and magnetic pulling power in card stripes is incredible.. You want to stay free from carrying multiple things in one hand o this is big recommendation.

8. Tabpow Wallet case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Tabpow wallet case for Note 7 is convenient and it has various separate rooms for cash, credit cards and money and you can keep it more usable. Hold this wallet case with pride as there will be no spots appear when you hold the Note 7 wallet case for longer. It is packed with secure magnetic closure and there is smart inner button lock that keeps your credit cards and cash at safe zone. The snap on installation is fast and easy. The camera ports and volume controls will be used in easy manner with the help of precise cuts in the wallet case. This slim case will not add more weight to the sophisticated Note 7.

This is 2 in 1 hybrid case; you can make it case or use it like a wallet. The top grade synthetic leather will be suitable for all age group. So choosing this wallet case for your long term use will be relaxing. All you are getting in quite less price.

9. ACEABOVE Wallet case for Galaxy Note 7

Aceabove is miraculous wallet case for daily use for Note 7. If you are carrying this wallet case then you do not require carrying any other purse. It is comprehensive when it comes to its precise cutouts to boost your usability of phone’s camera, jack, volume controls, sensors and connector. There is compartment for ID, credit cards and for the cash and it is so secured with the magnetic enclosure which is easy to open and close. Its foldable style is appealing in look and it also protects the phone from all sides, front and back. So no chance of damage from fall and environmental damage.

With ACEABOVE, you are going to rock with all the overdose of awesomeness. The offerings are contemporary which suit the need to today’s lifestyle. You will surely have good time with Note wallet case as both are the great combination.

10. Tauri Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Tauri Wallet case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is in great condition as there is no addition of extra and there is no subtraction of quality. The detailing of the stitches is looking so seamless. Tauri is spacious and protects your phone from bumps, accidents, drops, scratches and more accidents. It is lovely option for those who loves to carry other important essentials along with their mobile. So, to and from is quite easy with this wallet case so Note 7 will be in great comfort with this. The brand new Note 7 is quite safe from all corners when it is inside the Tauri wallet case so no danger can touch the phone. It has precise cuts to use the controls and ports from this wallet case.

There are compartments which are precisely placed. It has kickstand to view the videos with different angles for watching movies and for video conversation. Tauri has ultimate to offer everything in the form of wallet case for Note 7. The sung fit is awesome that no cards, cash and ID will fall from the wallet. Wallet case is best and can be used in different way. This Note 7 wallet case is absolutely of fine premium quality and the raised from sides is for the protection of the Note 7.

Check all the products and buy only those from the collection which suit your need.

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