Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Case for Generating More Power

Battery case for Galaxy Note 7 is great assistance in handling the daily draining. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery case is extra powerful that you do not need to die for battery. The battery backup necessity is everywhere in this web world. The use of internet has increased the necessity of the battery in the phone. So without good battery backup you cannot think of survival. Technology is pushing the limits so there is no scarcity of battery even your mobile fail to give power. There is alternate option in the form of battery case that will energize Note 7 and you have not to compromise by keeping the phone switched off. It is good news for all who use phone like hell.


Here is the list of battery case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to use your phone like crazy without compromise.

1. Mophie Juice Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Mophie battery case is a great option for extending battery life of Note 7 with the value upto 3300 mAh. It is versatile not only this but also great in preventing the Note 7 from all sort of accidents. It is true performer and leaves no opportunity in giving the wonderful juice to your phone. It has two ports that aim to give good sound with the help of front facing camera. It has rubber bumpers which is good for protection from drop. This makes the Note 7 durable and sum of battery aims to give more fun using internet, transferring data and photos.

You can be more social as you will be able to use your phone more often in talking and chatting without having tension of battery draining. It will be available in different colors and easy to install and remove in no time.

2. Zero Lemon LLC Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Zero Lemon is powerful upto 4200 mAh and it is packed with full of features which makes it more desirable option. The backup of battery is sufficient to give power to that extend so you will not feel powerless. For unlimited use for 2 days one charging of few min is adequate. The precise cuts on the back panel and volume controls are flexible so you can have great user experience. The 4 LED light is as an indicator to show the level of battery so you can avoid overcharging with this. The design is impeccable and comes in all unique colors.

This battery case is having warranty of 180 days. It has the texture of TPU case and its fitting with Note 7 is incredible. Though the case is easy to install and remove.

3. Maxdara Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This battery case is individually great in performance and with the power of 4200 mAh for Note 7 is incredible. The slim look and the plastic design will keep it lightweight. The double battery life is enormous help at the time of your outing. The concept of this battery case Maxdara gives professional finishing and also protection. The maximum comfort for Note 7 is all about Maxdara. Maxdara has precise cuts for the features to use it with flexibility like controls, buttons, camera and ports. Are you not getting all the privileges?

This battery case with one charging will give you full utility so you can use your phone tension free. This lovely case has good grip and its fitting is good in carrying the phone amazingly. It will deter you to use any of the features as it is supportive to all features. In short it is great service provider not only in giving juice to battery but also protect it from dust, debris, shock, scratches and more. The quality polymer is good indulgence in terms of giving the phone more activeness.

4. MOTA Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

MOTA has come with lot of hope for the users. This Galaxy Note 7 battery case is good for the new comers also apart from experienced users. It is peculiarly design to give100% protection. The raised edges on the corners are crafted keenly to protect the screen when you keep it face down. This case is lovely in giving extra juice to the Note 7. You can avail you strong battery backup by including the battery case power which is great. There is no question of overcharging the phone as there is LED indicator that will show that battery is charged for unplugging it.

It has precise cuts for the jacks, camera, ports, volume and other controls. It has raised lip that protects the screen fro drop and when you put it in the face down position. It chases the great beauty and occupied a good position among users with its lovely attitude.

5. JT Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

JT has all substantial and heavy battery backup for Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It is equipped with 4200 mAh. It has Li-polymer rechargeable battery and 200% extra battery life is certain boon. So you can have talktime of 14 hours whereas browsing can extend to 20 hours so everything is placed in right position. It has sung fit so it is easy for Note 7 to fall out from Battery case. JT is good in preventing the phone from scratches, drops, shock and drapes. The glass body will be lightweight and durable also. Its durability will increase this battery case. Do not forget to check out list of best car battery.

The raised lip in the corners protects the screen when you keep it carelessly face down. The precise cuts are crazy as it controls the button, jacks, camera lens and ports. There is no question of battery draining before time and the extra battery is boon indeed in this fast and tedious life. Generally battery case is bulky that you do not prefer for daily use but this is right as there would not be addition of any bulk.

6. Ultra Slim External Battery case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Ultra slim battery case is completely helpful in giving full support to your phone Note 7. It terms of 100% battery backup, you can avail you lot of offerings. It has built-in kickstand for all kind of angle view. It does prevent scratches, fingerprints, dusts and bumps. It has lovely cutouts for the ports, camera lens, volume, jacks and other controls. This battery case is equipped with 5200 mAh which is great option in making your day and night full use of Note 7. The LED light is acting as an indicator to let you know the status of the battery. It is bundled with lovely features.

7. Hyperion battery case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Hyperion battery case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is ultimate by saving your Note 7 from battery draining. The number 1 option as it is powered with 8000 mAh. It keeps you tension free and free from all hurdles. The cutouts are monitored with professional manner and there is installation of this case is easy. It will be available in trendy and unique colors and its design is also cool which is perfect fit for all age group. The price of the Note 7 battery case is not so high so it is within budget with maximum offerings.

8. Mugen Power Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Mugen is equipped with 6640 mAh and is it quite rigid to scratches, bumps, drapes and drops. It gives full power and convenience to your phone Note 7. It is amazing in handing the openings for camera, volume, jacks, sensors and controls. The bezels are brilliantly crafted in order to keep the phone at safest point. It is protective and lively which makes it easy to deal with it. The wireless charging integration and hands-free viewing in every angle is incredible. It is tested that battery sustain last long enough.

If such battery cases come in your life for your phone Note 7 then you have not to worry about anything. You can expect the brilliant performance from these above battery cases for Note 7. Add more spice in your life and packed your phone Note 7 with extra service of battery so there will be no mediocrity.


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